Frequently Asked Questions

Great question, and one I get all the time! Traditionally, a model is someone that is trained in fashion modelling. They will most likely have experience in fashion photo shoots and catwalk. ‘Talent’ is describing people that may not fit the normal constraints of fashion modelling – they may not be tall enough, they may not be interested in catwalk or they may suit more lifestyle photo shoots instead of fashion. Most of the ‘talent’ on our website have some acting training eg TV Commercials, Music Videos or extras for film. There is no reason you can’t be classed as both Model and Talent – it depends on where you want to direct your career.

When you are starting out as a model you will need to get photographed by a professional photographer. Some will offer this for free, in return for them using your images within their portfolio. Others will charge. This is one of the most important things to invest in as it is the start of your journey and these are the photos that agents and clients will use to decide if they want to work with you. Modelling is just like any other activity, the more you practise, the better you will be and the more comfortable you will look.

There are a number of training courses and workshops that you can do to help hone your skills. Make sure that you are selective about what is covered, who is teaching you and what you want to get out of it. These are not compulsory, but will greatly help your chances of getting booked.

We do not charge a fee to represent you. Our fee is earned through commission when you are booked, so the more you work the better!

These costs are not hidden, they are talked about up front – so no, there should be no hidden costs.